What is a Bug Bounty Program?

What is a Bug Bounty Program?

What is a Bug Bounty Program?Likewise, a bug bounty program called a weakness rewards program (VRP) is a publicly supporting activity that rewards people for finding and revealing programming bugs. Bug bounty programs are frequently started to enhance internal code reviews and entrance tests as features of an association'sassociation's weakness in the executive's system.

Bug reports should archive sufficient data for the association offering the bounty to have the option to replicate the weakness.

Uses of bug bounty programs

Many significant associations use bug bounties as a piece of their security program, including AOL, Android, Apple, Advanced Sea, and Goldman Sachs. You can see a rundown of the multitude of projects offered by significant bug bounty suppliers, Bug crowd and Hacker

One, at these connections.

Disadvantages of a bug bounty program

Many programmers partake in these kinds of projects, and it tends to be hard to make a lot of cash on the stage. 

To guarantee the award, the programmer should be the principal individual to present the bug to the program. That implies that practically speaking, you may go through weeks searching for a bug to abuse, to be the subsequent individual to report it and bring in no cash. 

Generally, 97% of members on significant bug bounty stages have never sold a bug. 

How to take part in Bug Bounty Programs?

Finding and detailing bugs through a bug bounty program can bring about both monetary rewards and acknowledgement. Sometimes, it tends to be an extraordinary method to show certifiable experience when you're searching for a task or can even assistance acquaints you with people in the security group inside an association. 

This can be full time pay for certain people, pay to enhance a task, or an approach to flaunt your abilities and find an everyday line of work. 

It can likewise be enjoyable! It'sIt's an incredible (lawful) opportunity to try out your abilities against huge enterprises and government offices.

How to make money by finding bugs?

A bug bounty is a financial payout for finding and announcing security openings in programming. You could make some additional pocket cash chasing for bugs in mainstream applications and sites on the off chance that you have skill in security conventions. 

It'sIt's additionally an excellent method to hone your abilities and fabricate your standing as a security master - to where organizations could select you.

Well-known Bug Bounty Programs

Microsoft has five separate bug bounty programs as of this composition, with three of them set apart as "Continuous" and two of them having precise end dates. We'llWe'll get just rundown the Progressing bounties beneath. 

  1. Facebook

Facebook paid out more than $1 million out of 2014 to mess with bounty trackers, which demonstrates how much cash Facebook will toss at their security openings. This organization is not kidding about getting its foundation.

  1. Google

Google'sGoogle's bug bounty program covers weaknesses across Google, YouTube, and Blogger. Note that huge loads of individuals chasing bugs for Google, so discovering one with a significant payout may want to prospect.

  1. Chrome

Google likewise offers bounties for bugs found in the Chrome program. Any bug that exists in the Steady, Beta, or Dev. Along with any bug that exists in an outsider segment of Chrome, Channels of Chrome are qualified for remunerations.

  1. Pornhub

Notwithstanding how you feel about erotic entertainment, it's difficult to reject that Pornhub's Pornhub's as of late announced bug bounty program is tempting - and since it is so new, there might be numerous bugs out there holding back to be found.

  1. Yahoo

Notwithstanding Verizon's way as of late gained Yippee, the bug bounty program is as yet pushing ahead, and there's no information to demonstrate that it will close down any time soon. In-scope properties incorporate Yippee, Flickr, Polypore, and the sky is the limit from there.

  1. Mozilla

Mozilla gives bug bounties to security openings in the accompanying customer programming: Firefox, Firefox for Android, Firefox OS, and Thunderbird. Generally, just "security basic" bugs are qualified for bounties.

  1. Dropbox

There are so numerous things you can do with Dropbox, including a look around for security openings. Qualified in-scope properties incorporate the web, work area, Android, and I O S customers for Dropbox just as bugs in the Dropbox Center SDK and Dropbox Paper.

  1. Uber                       

The declaration post for Uber'sUber's Bug bounty program records a "treasure map" that gives you an incredible beginning stage for Uber'sUber's public-confronting administrations and what sort of safety openings to search for.

  1. GitHub

GitHub has transformed into quite possibly the main accessible collective apparatuses for developers. To such an extent, GitHub interruptions are amazingly costly for some organizations. In that capacity, it's of most extreme significance to keep it fully operational.

Top 5 Bug Bounty Programs.


Verizon Media is the undeniable head of the most dynamic and effective bug bounty program facilitated on the Programmer One stage. Verizon Media dramatically increased the measure of bounties granted to security specialists in the range of a year, going from $4 million to more than $9,4 million this year, for an aggregate of $5.4 million granted in the field of a year.


Regardless of running quite possibly the latest projects on Hacker One, enrolled only in August 2018, Paypal has ultimately settled itself as perhaps the most dynamic organizations on the stage, paying out almost $2.8 million in recent years and $1.62 million over the previous year.

  1. UBER

Since a year ago positioning, Uber'sUber's security group has granted $620,000 in bug bounties, bringing the organization's all out to $2,415,000 awarded on HackerOne since the program was gotten underway in December 2014.

  1. INTEL

Intel went up two spots in the 2020 positioning after the organization paid more than $1 million in bug bounties to analysts in the previous year. 

While the aggregate has never been unveiled, Intel has likewise paid the incredible bug bounty at any point paid on the Programmer One stage, with the whole accepted to be somewhere close to $100,000 and $200,000 for a side-channel weakness affecting its central processor structures.


With perhaps the most seasoned program on Hacker One, dispatched in May 2014, Twitter has paid more than $1,288,000 in bounties to security analysts, with $118,000 of these being dispersed in the previous year.

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