Pets Care: Diseases and their Treatments

Pets Care: Diseases and their Treatments

Those animals which humans keep for their company and pleasure rather than working are called pets and their care are called pets care. Pets have intelligence, attractive appearance, and relatable personalities, but some generous animals are taken and accepted as pets by the owner regardless of these characteristics. These animals are a part of our daily lives and become a part of our families by providing a sense of loneliness, emotional support, reducing our stress levels, and increasing our social activities. The fact is that regular playing or walking with pets can decrease cholesterol level, triglyceride level, and blood pressure.

There are some common animals that you can choose as pets like rabbits(chinchillas), pigs, rodents, rats, mice, and guinea pigs, avian pets (parrots, passerines and fowls), reptile pets (turtles, alligators), some like fish and frog. The most lovable animals that people want to keep as pets are cats and dogs.

If you are also interested in keeping pets, you should take care of pets health because it is essential. This article will discuss only cats and dogs, Common Diseases in Dogs and Treatment, and their care that we have to take.

Dog as a Pet

Keep in mind which dog is best for your family and kids—a technical term used for a dog lover a cynophile. While choosing a good family dog, it is crucial to find a temperament dog because this is the dog’s personality. For example, a serene dog can form strong bonds and be a great companion for your kids. You can also select a dog according to its size and energy level.

Here is the list of the most popular dogs which are best for your family and kids.

  • Golden Retriever is an intelligent, kind, loyal and confident dog. They are incredibly patient, which makes them a perfect match for kids.
  • Irish Setters are known for their red coat. They are energetic and playful, loves being around people, and play well with children and family.
  • Vizsla is both loyal and affectionate and a gentle manner. They form close bonds with family members and can learn new tricks quickly.
  • Border Collie is peaceful and predictable, rarely misbehaving and easily trainable. They perfect for families and kids.
  • Bulldog is a friendly, loyal and docile dog, and they are comfortable living in large houses and small apartments.
dogs as a pets

Common Diseases in Dogs and Treatment

Your pet, whom you love so much, can sometimes get diseases that may be severe. Sometimes these diseases may cause the death of your dog, so we have to be aware and take care of our pets. Here you can learn about some common ailments and their treatment.

Kennel Cough

Kennel Cough is a viral and bacterial disease that causes respiratory infection and inflammation in dog’s bronchitis (windpipe and voice box). It would be best to care about it because it is highly spreadable to other dogs.

A Dry cough, fever, gagging, nasal discharge, and coughing with white foamy phlegm are kennel cough symptoms. It can spread through aerosols in the air, directly from dog to dog, or through germs on a contaminated object, extended in enclosed areas with poor air circulation. Direct contact like shared water dishes or even greeting another dog also causes kennel cough. If your dog is young and unvaccinated is most prone to become infected.

Prevention and Treatment of pet

 Parainfluenza, Bordetella and adenovirus-2 are some vaccinations available for some agents that may cause kennel cough. If your dog has already caught the virus, then the vaccinations aren’t helpful.

  •  If your dog has kennel cough, it should be isolated from other dogs.
  • A vaporizer or steam shower can provide relief from irritated breathing passages.
  • You have to sure your dog is eating, drinking, and in a stress-free environment.


 The viral disease may affect the brain and spinal cord of dogs. If one rabies symptoms appear, it is close to 100% fatal.

Symptoms of rabies are foaming at the mouth, fever, weakness, change in behaviour, hiding in dark places, eating unusual objects, sudden death etc. It can transmit through a bite from an affected animal or dog. An infected animal’s saliva enters another animal’s body through an open or fresh wound can cause rabies.

Prevention and Treatment

Vaccination can prevent your dogs from rabies. It just not protects your dogs from rabies but also protects your dog from biting someone. You have to avoid your dog to contact with wild animals.

 Rabies is the most dangerous disease because it has no treatment. When your dog has rabies, it has to keep in isolation and prevent injuring someone.


Worms don’t cause this disease but a fungus that can infect your dog’s nails, hair, and skin. This disease can lead to patchy areas of hair loss on a dog that can transmit to other animals.

Skin lesions on the head, paws, ears and forelimbs, ringworms are circular and red in the centre. Sometimes pet carries the fungus but not show any symptoms whatsoever. If your puppies are young or less than a year old are most prone to infection.

Prevention and treatment

Use shampoo or ointment that particular medication to kill the fungus. Ringworm treatment is always necessary to avoid infection spread. Treatments are tropical therapy, oral treatment, and environmental cleaning for ringworm.

Cat as a Pet

Cats have a beautiful look and innocent. Many people like to rear cats for their company_a technical term used for a dog lover an ailurophile. Some love cats because of their long and shiny hair, eye colour, body style, and sweet faces. You can select a cat of your choice.

Here is the list of the most famous cats which are best for your family and kids.

  • Persian Cats are known for their gentle, sweet faces, laid-back personalities, and round eyes, and they are affectionate, quiet, beautiful creatures of habit. The origination of Persian cat as far back a 1684 B.C.
  • British Shorthair is one of the most famous cats selected to appear on T.V., in movies and even in books. They have short hair and a unique body style.
  • Ragdoll cats are friendly and mild-mannered. They are most loveable, and they follow people around the house, flopping on and sleep with their owners.
  • Main Coon Cats are known for their dog-like behaviour by following the owners from room to room. They have shaggy coats and a rugged appearance, intelligent and playful.
  • Scottish Fold Cats have an owl-like appearance because of folded ears. They are also known because of their soft voices and ability to speak in different-sounding purrs and meows.
cats as a pet feeding cats on freenotez

Common Diseases in Cats and Treatment

Pets whom you love are not always healthy. Meanwhile, they can cause infection and diseases, which may cause the death of your pet. Here is the list of some common illnesses which are present in cats and also their treatment.


Diabetes in cats may be caused by a lack of hormone insulin or adequate insulin response. When your cat eats, her digestive system breaks food into glucose and many other components. Glucose is carried into her cells by insulin. If it can not produce, sugar levels elevate and cause a health problem.

Symptoms of diabetes are weight loss, dehydration, increased water consumption, lethargy, urinary tract infection and increased urination. Abnormal protein deposits in the pancreas cause diabetes. It causes obesity, aged and gender diseases.

Prevention and Treatment

To avoid cats from diabetes, you should have to give them a proper diet and exercise regularly. The treatment of diabetes depends on the severeness of the signs of the disease. You should perform glucose tests at home.

  • Intensive hospitalized care
  • Oral medication
  • High-fibre diet
  • Insulin injections


Heartworm mainly causes lung disease in cats and spreads by mosquitoes. You may have thought that cats are a typical host for heartworm. But cats are not a natural host for heartworm. You can know that this disease may cause the death of your cat.

Heartworm signs are depression, persistent cough, weight loss, sporadic vomiting, lethargy, and sudden death. Newly arriving worms in the heart and lungs cause breathing difficulties. These worms cause immune and inflammatory responses in an infected cat.

Prevention and Treatment

No products are found for heartworm treatment all over the world currently. It’s good to know that heartworm-infected cats can fight against the infection by themselves. If your cat is not treated and monitored, then heartworms can damage walls of the heart, pulmonary blood vessels, heart and lung failure, kidney and liver damage, and sudden death.


It is an uncontrolled cell division, invades surrounding tissue and may spread to other parts of the body. This disease is of many types in cats and form tumours or spread throughout the body.

Cancer clues in cats are hard to breathe, swelling, sudden lameness, diarrhea, change in behaviour, and weight loss. This ailment in cats has no known cause as it is multifactorial.

Prevention and Treatment

You can protect your cat from skin cancer by keeping the cat indoors. Breast cancer can also be harmful to cats; you should save your cat. Treatment depends on the stages and types of cancer.

  • Chemotherapy
  • Surgery
  • Immunotherapy
  • Radiation therapy

Final Words

Pets are capable of cutout their needs to form bonds with their masters. These animals, like human beings, have emotions and should be handled by care. We should also keep in mind that pets care is as crucial as their feed. If some severe diseases catch them, we should talk to our vet and get them treated. Some ailments are known and easy to diagnose, and their treatment is also easy. But some are unknown and unable to treat. After that, if you love your pet and keep it for your company

and pleasure, you must be aware of pets care.


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