Social Media Marketing Requires 15 Essential Components

Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies

Social media marketing has come to be one of the most popular and effective ways to build your brand or increase your sales! Before using social media for these reasons however it is critical that you first develop a strategy that will enable you to capture the attention and trust of those you are targeting! For this strategy to be truly effective, it should contain 15 critical components that we will discuss here today!

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Have a Social Media Marketing Plan

When using social media it’s very easy to get caught up in varying conversations and then the next thing you know hours have passed! Remember, you’re trying to run a business so time is a very valuable asset, therefore, use it wisely! Determine exactly what it is you want to achieve and then develop a strategy that will help you to do so!

Work Your Plan

The strategy or plan you’ve developed is only good if you stick to it so keep your focus! This is NOT to say you need to constantly promote any goods or services you have all the time, in fact, DON’T! You must be social with others and listen in to what’s on their minds! Contribute to the conversations when and where you can but always be conscious of the fact your primary goal is to build your business!

Add Worthy Content

As inferred above a very important component of your strategy is to build relationships with others so they learn to trust and except you! How else can you expect them to be receptive to any promotional information you decide to share? Hear what they’re discussing and contribute ‘value’ to their conversation when you can. This will have a greater impact on them thus allowing you to stand out a bit more from all the noise!

Be Consistent

You can’t expect to sign into any social community whenever you feel and get good results! You need to be there consistently, not necessarily every day, but show up on a consistent basis! With your consistent attendance and valuable contributions to ongoing conversations, you’ll be more likely to capture the attention of others. This is the impact you’re looking for!

Build Relationships

Whenever the opportunity arises, single out others for the great comments they make or the keen insight they display! Now you’re starting to build relationships which will also help you build networks as well! Remember networks save legwork so learn to work smarter!

Don’t Rush

One thing about using social media for business purposes is that results do NOT come fast so take it nice and easy! The fact is if your primary goal is business, your progress will likely go at a snail’s pace! Remember you’re ultimately expecting people to give up their hard-earned cash in exchange for what you have to offer! Approach them as prospective friends NOT paying customers! Building a friendship takes time and sometimes even sacrifice so be prepared to invest some time!


As already touched upon above it is vitally important that you contribute to discussions and not just listen in on what people are saying. Being a wallflower will NOT get you noticed so pick and choose where you can best contribute and then offer your opinion, insight and/or knowledge! This will get you noticed and help you capture the attention of other contributors as well as listeners!

Be Nice

I recall an old movie I once saw called Road House about a famous and very effective bouncer who work at rowdy saloons across the south-west! Now this guy was in great demand because his approach to taming a rough crowd was to always BE NICE, no matter what! Well this is what you will want to do as well. The last thing you need to do when trying to ‘win over’ a crowd is to tick people off with an abrasive comment or otherwise rude behavior!

Go For The Funny Bone

Drawing attention to yourself with comments and/or suggestions is a great way to get noticed but now the only way! Using humor always tends to work no matter what type of crowd you’re dealing with but when being humorous be careful NOT to offend others! Also the tone of a conversation may NOT be one where trying to be funny is appropriate or acceptable. Always remember however, any good old fashion value you can add to discussions is going to always be effective!

Patience Required in Social Media Marketing

Your patience may very well be your best ally of social media marketing because marketers typically tend to be a tad aggressive! I didn’t describe you, did I? Put the aggressiveness aside and go more with cunning, plotting and planning! I don’t want that to sound evil or conniving but rather know what you have to do to win over others and then take the appropriate actions! Walk first and later you can break into a run but even then you’ll want to spend more time developing trust then promoting your business! Once trust is earned your business will grow and all without over the top tenacious business tactics!

Be Genuine

Transparency is always the best policy along with keeping your word or following up on previous promises! People really notice this just like they would notice a ‘snake oil’ salesman, a mile away! When you do speak be true to who you are and what you stand for but always act in a genuine manner which should be easy since you are genuine, aren’t you? Besides, putting forth a ‘false face’ can be very difficult, especially as time goes on since there will be many opportunities where you may slip up and get exposed! When this happens word will travel like wildfire (it will go viral) and regaining any type of respectable reputation will be very difficult! People remember…

Fish Where The Fish Are

Are you fishing in the right spot for the people who are likely to have an interest in what you market? Targeting the wrong crowd or social media site will be a huge waste of time and effort to find those communities that have the type of people most likely to want what you offer! When you initially develop a strategy, determining your niche will be a very important component so establish your target audience and get busy making friends!

Engage People

Engaging people is all about having something to say that others want to hear so as mentioned earlier inject yourself into discussions only if you have something to offer! It doesn’t really matter how often you contribute but rather WHAT you contribute! This is what people will remember and even if your contributions are not too frequent these same folks will associate you with them! This once again is called making an impact!

Follow Ups in Social Media Marketing

Following up was mentioned above but deserves further mention here for a simple reason. If you make promises or insinuate anything that you’ll do in the future, you can be damn sure people picked up on that and are likely looking forward to you delivering! You ever hear of a toddler who was promised a prize or something they really want and then forgetting about it? Nah, me neither!

Handling Feedback

You’ll need to have an established channel you can use to manage questions, inquiries, and orders once you start to actively market your business. The term ‘sales funnel’ is commonly used to describe how digital marketers respond to and/or direct potential customers in an effort to process orders seamlessly. This is typically done in an automated fashion, ya gotta love social media marketing, and should be set-up beforehand…

As popular as social media marketing seems to be to capture the attention of a targeted audience are you really prepared to use it effectively? Using social media to bring attention to your cause or products takes a bit of planning which requires you to develop a strategy to accomplish these goals! Our discussion above focused on what exactly YOU need to concentrate on to make your social media efforts more fruitful especially during a time when this strategy is so WIDELY used! If it’s popular it is also very competitive and if you want to stand out the 15 elements suggested above using social media will help you to do so!

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